Questions of the future

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Nobody knows what the future will bring, but one thing is certain; people will be asking themselves different questions. At APG, one of the largest pension providers in the Netherlands, we deal with the future every day. One example is the increase in life expectancy, and how we approach this directly affects millions of people who rely on us for their financial future.


As one of the largest pension investors in the world, our decisions have a global impact. What we invest in on behalf of the pension funds we work for makes a real difference.


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Questions of the future

Vacancies in the spotlight


Senior Compliance Officer Monitoring RI


32-40 hours


Senior Projectmanager Responsible Investment


32-40 hours

How colleagues view the future

The future calls for an iterative approach to innovation.

Tanvi, Change & Innovation Lead

The future calls for courage.

Dave, Manager Master Data Management

The future calls for more than data.

Annick, Head of Data Management

The future calls for open-minded people.

Maikel, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

The future calls for partnership.

Monique, Senior Compliance Officer

The future calls for being able to quantify impact at all levels.

Shahzad, Portfolio Manager Responsible Investments - Fixed Income

The future calls for the best possible service.

Tamara, CX Manager

The future calls for testers who can navigate a complex IT landscape.

Joep, Tester

The future calls for a focus on users.

Sabine, Software Developer

The future calls for further digitalization.

Mahendranath, Developer

The future calls for staying ahead of cyber criminals.”

Jean-Paul, Senior security consultant

The future calls for attention to the person behind the position.

Elke, Release Train Engineer

Through our colleagues' eyes

We try to be the ones who shed light on things

Sara van den Bleeken

Senior Compliance Officer

I see so much support.

Hillary Ovaga

DevOps engineer

It's still not quite right, so let’s make it better

Jana Stegerhütte

QA & Test Lead

You end up picking up the finer points of the trade on the job.

Latifa el Haddar

Employers’ Desk Assistant

There are plenty of opportunities to help you develop — if you take the initiative

Mariska Ernes-Jeurissen

Head of Finance Shared Services

I see, in addition to capital and people, data as the third precondition for being able to do our jobs.

Igor Trijnes

Datamanagement consultant

If you work hard, you'll have plenty of opportunities

Natasja de Weijer

Head of pension administration

I want to be a trusted ally and a sounding board for my trainees.

Nóra Czirják

Team manager for asset risk management and a trainee mentor

I myself am hugely driven when it comes to improvement, renewal and progress

Bas de Jonge

Business lead digital change and innovation

Your first impulse isn't always the right one.

Joeri Brinks

.NET developer

The jury referred to APG as an influencer.

Alma Wolhuter

Education manager

With one foot in the future, and one foot in the present

Roland Gardeniers

IT architect

I think it's important to be familiar with the target group.

Brettney Vlieland

Content specialist

Working in an ever-changing world, that’s what I like best about working in ICT.

Jarno Veltrop

System engineer & scrum master

My challenge is to persuade others to take a closer look at their pension.

Ralph Hoffman

Market & Customer Insights advisor

There is no 'one size fits all' solution.

Marcel Simons

Agile coach

Motivated employees do a better job.

Bram Kelchtermans

System engineer

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