We need a new blood group

Bas de Jonge, business lead digital change & innovation


“Alongside my traditional role as a risk manager, I spend most of my time as program leader for the digital change & innovation program with the CFRO of the Asset Management business unit, which to me is one of the most dynamic parts of APG. Together with 25 colleagues we are running six projects and a competence center, focusing mainly on how the future CFRO position will be given shape. Where do we want to be and how should we develop our tools, techniques and people? The standard profiles of risk controllers, IT auditors and accountants will disappear, but will be replaced by many more multidisciplinary bridge builders.


We need a new blood group. Not only must we avoid being overtaken by the market, we also aim to continue to improve. As the second line within the CFRO position, our aim is to present our information, insights and advice to the first line decision makers accessibly and intuitively so that they can take a proactive approach. This is a switch from analyzing existing information to a predictive role, and calls for a different approach and an IT savvy mind. You do not need to be a programmer, but you do need to understand how a process is supported by IT and what the language of the business is. The interface between business and IT is becoming increasingly relevant, especially with our DevOps approach.

Digitization means that we can spot opportunities sooner and save money, but it also gives us an opportunity to provide solutions across APG's departments. Those are steps in the right direction. I myself am hugely driven when it comes to improvement, renewal and progress. It has taken quite a while to get this off the ground, which is fairly typical of APG, but this really is the right time to do it. Not least because of our technical alternatives, our position in the market and the state of technology. These days, everyone does everything with their phone, and that is making IT more and more a part of our lives.


The fact that we at APG are now focusing so much on innovation is creating enthusiasm among colleagues. It is all too easy to get caught up in the issues of the day, but you can feel the energy now that we are taking big steps and really changing things. And that gives me a lot of energy too!"



I myself am hugely driven when it comes to improvement, renewal and progress.