Consideration for others

APG and APG colleagues support projects that are close to our hearts. As individuals and as an organization as a whole. Loneliness in old age is one of the problems we are tackling by promoting social contact with and between elderly people. We do this through the so-called ZilverUitjes, which translates as “Silver Outings” and are events where we invite groups of local elderly people to our offices and treat them to an afternoon with high tea and music. These outings are organized and hosted entirely by APG staff.

The SWAP foundation is an initiative by APG staff that sees them support charities, both by raising funds and by actively working on projects in the areas of construction, education, and health care. All these efforts are geared towards improving conditions for people living in extreme poverty in developing countries in particular. APG workers helped build a shelter for neglected and traumatized children in Romania, they built an education center in Tanzania, and they fixed up a children's home in India.

We are also doing our bit for society closer to home. For example, we want to help youngsters prepare for their future in the labor market. One initiative we have launched in this respect is JINC (Jongeren INCorporated) JINC introduces students from deprived neighborhoods to the labor market, giving them insights into what they can expect and into their own talents. We do so by immersing them into the workings of the labor market, which sees them introduced to all kinds of professions and industries by going on so-called ‘Language Trips’ and ‘Fast Internships’. And in the training sessions we organize for them, they learn all about planning, applying for jobs, and starting a business. We also offer social skills training. We also have quest teachers and participate in Boss of Tomorrow. One of the students will be boss for a day within APG, to experience what it’s like to lead an organization. And this gives us new insights and inspiration. In 2021 Chayma was our boss for a day


Impression of the Fast Internships at APG:


This platform activates colleagues to work on sustainability, inclusivity, vitality, and financial fitness. It is an online environment where we establish initiatives together that contribute to APG’s sustainability goals. This enables us to create successful initiatives from good ideas. APG colleagues receive two Futuredays a year to spend time improving the future of themselves, somebody else or society.