Your development comes first

At APG you are given all the space you need to learn and to use and develop your talents, so that every day you become even better at what you do. That way you work on your own development, and together we can offer even more to nearly five million Dutch people every day.

Education, training and coaching

Keeping knowledge up-to-date and continuing to develop competencies: you can do both. We support you to develop yourself, and offer the facilities to do so. Use our learning & development platform I-learn@apg for inhouse and external courses, or attend a training at our own Digital academy or the 'Pension of the Future' academy. We offer you free admission to all online courses of Good Habitz. And we find the right coach for you if you need some extra help with the content of your work or psychological support.

Learning is all about doing

Learning at your workplace, in another department or from your colleagues. One opts for a work experience place, the other takes control and develops on the basis of feedback and feed forward from colleagues. There are plenty of opportunities. If you have any ideas, let’s talk about them!

This is how our colleagues view the growth possibilities at APG

I have to stand behind what a company does.

Jacqueline van de Laar

Business manager

Your first impulse isn't always the right one.

Joeri Brinks

.NET developer

I want to help people move forward.

Carla Voss

Financial helpdesk assistant

You end up picking up the finer points of the trade on the job.

Latifa el Haddar

Employers’ Desk Assistant


Are you a young professional, have you just graduated or do you have a maximum of two years of work experience? Each year we start a number of challenging traineeships at university education level. More information is given on our traineeship page.


Studying is not all about spending your time with your nose in a book, but is also about learning in practice. We regularly offer interesting internships for higher professional education and university students. You will find them on our vacancies page.

Leadership is in us all

Everyone has a sense of leadership, and we like to encourage that. Some of us hold specific positions as managers. As a manager, you help others to grow, to achieve results and to pursue our strategy. You are given every opportunity to work on your own development so that you can do that as well as possible. Various development and coaching programs or peer supervision groups are available to help you to really get to know yourself and strengthen your competencies to connect, clarify and build on results, always from the customer's perspective.