“The strength of innovation is speed”

Marcel Simons, Agile coach  

“You could see me as a soccer coach of a team of talented players. APG employees are highly skilled experts in their own professional area. If I can help them master the Agile working method, we achieve maximum results.

Our work has become significantly more complicated than before and that requires a different approach. An Agile approach, meaning we are more versatile and cooperate in a more flexible way. Agile seems to be a buzzword, but it actually is a best practice that has proven its worth for a long time now. However, that doesn’t mean that every colleague, every team immediately masters and is able to apply this way of working. As a coach, I share my experience with as many teams as possible and make them understand and feel what Agile working actually is.


When I look around, I can see that people who take initiative and who have personal leadership embedded in their DNA, are the ones embracing Agile working the most. They enjoy taking on personal responsibility to continuously learn and improve. To them, Agile working is an ideal match.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, every team is different. Agile working doesn’t always succeed straight away or I sometimes experience resistance from the team members. In that case, I come up with a new strategy and provide a new advice. A coach is not equipped with a magic wand but I always find the tools to help a team move forward.


I basically become redundant once a team is able to apply the Agile method fluently, meaning I only have to watch them occasionally in the role of consultant. It also means I can be deployed somewhere else.”



There is no 'one size fits all' solution