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You see it already all before you: every day you contribute to income for now, soon and later. To the income of your generation, your parents’ generation and your children’s and grandchildren’s generations. And you do it in the way that suits you. As a trader in asset management, because you see where the best opportunities are for boosting pension assets. As DevOps engineer, because you help us to open our eyes to the power of innovation and technology. As content specialist, because you see which words strike the right tone. As pension specialist, because you see how your careful actions provide insight for our clients. As controller, because you see the meaning behind the figures. Or in one of the other many functions in APG in which we keep our eyes fixed on the pensions of millions of people. Because for us pensions are about people, life and living together.



Through our colleagues' eyes

The jury referred to APG as an influencer.

Alma Wolhuter

Education manager

I see so much support.

Hillary Ovaga

DevOps engineer

I think it's important to be familiar with the target group.

Brettney Vlieland

Content specialist

I see APG as a premiership club in the pensions world.

Melvyn Sahertian

Pensions specialist

Working in an ever-changing world, that’s what I like best about working in ICT.

Jarno Veltrop

System engineer & scrum master

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