Do you see your future with us?


You see it already all before you: every day you contribute to income for now, soon and later. To the income of your generation, your parents’ generation and your children’s and grandchildren’s generations. And you do it in the way that suits you.

    • As a trader in asset management, because you see where the best opportunities are for boosting pension assets.
    • As DevOps engineer, because you help us to open our eyes to the power of innovation and technology.
    • As content specialist, because you see which words strike the right tone.
    • As pension specialist, because you see how your careful actions provide insight for our clients.
    • As controller, because you see the meaning behind the figures.


Or in one of the other many jobs at APG in which we keep our eyes fixed on the pensions of millions of people. Because for us pensions are about people, life and living together.



5 reasons why to choose for APG

4.5 million pension participants and over EUR 500 billion invested assets

1. One of the largest in the Netherlands

Reward, education, career opportunities. Almost everything is possible.

2. Well arranged

By doing good you feel good

3. Work with impact on society and the world

Being part of a team and be yourself

4. Working together in a good atmosphere with great colleagues

On the contrary, and the new pension law will cause an enormous acceleration.

5. Pension industry boring?

Spotlight vacancies

Data & Analytics, IT

Solution Engineer Responsible Investments


32-40 hours

Change & Innovation, IT

DevOps Engineer Cloud Infrastructure

Heerlen, Amsterdam

32-40 hours


Senior Compliance Officer Monitoring RI


32-40 hours

How colleagues view the future

The future calls for an iterative approach to innovation.

Tanvi, Change & Innovation Lead

The future calls for courage.

Dave, Manager Master Data Management

The future calls for more than data.

Annick, Head of Data Management

The future calls for open-minded people.

Maikel, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

The future calls for partnership.

Monique, Senior Compliance Officer

The future calls for being able to quantify impact at all levels.

Shahzad, Portfolio Manager Responsible Investments - Fixed Income

The future calls for the best possible service.

Tamara, CX Manager

The future calls for testers who can navigate a complex IT landscape.

Joep, Tester

The future calls for a focus on users.

Sabine, Software Developer

The future calls for further digitalization.

Mahendranath, Developer

The future calls for staying ahead of cyber criminals.”

Jean-Paul, Senior security consultant

The future calls for attention to the person behind the position.

Elke, Release Train Engineer

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