ICT, Data & Change

Working in ICT, Data & Change means having an eye for detail and taking energy from changes, both large and small. Systems, processes and data form the basis of what we do and we are proud of the 1000 colleagues who keep them up and running each and every day, but also constantly look at what can be done better.


The specialists in the field of ICT, Data & Change have highly varied positions, but APG would be lost without them. Take the data analysts who conjure up all the data that enables our colleagues in Pension Administration and Communication to do their work even better and give the pension fund members a clearer insight into the choices they have to make. Take the programmers and testers who improve our systems and get them up and running within an ever-shorter timeframe so that our customers have an insight into their income now, later and in old age. And take the business consultants who are the connecting factor between various colleagues and departments with the aim of creating a single product or process together that will enable us, as APG, to better execute our pension administration and investment processes.


These talents can find work at many organizations, but the fact that they contribute every day to the income of 5 million Dutch people, to the future of their own parents, friends or neighbors, prompts them to choose APG, and we cherish that. Do you also see innovation and technology as our strong foundation that leads to a digital future full of possibilities? Would you like to play a part in that? If so, you are just the person APG is looking for.



Our ICT, data & change vacancies

ICT, Data & Change

Tibco Data Engineer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Heerlen, The Netherlands


ICT, Data & Change

Python Developer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Heerlen, The Netherlands


ICT, Data & Change, Digital & Innovation

Data Engineer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Through the eyes of our colleagues ICT, Data & Change

The more complicated the problem, the more I enjoy it

Tom Janssen

Data Steward

This role brings together everything I’ve always done as an interim manager

Gonneke Cammel

People Manager Shared IT Services

For me, it’s important to work on something I believe in

Linda Kleeven

Business & Information Consultant

It's still not quite right, so let’s make it better

Jana Stegerhütte

QA & Test Lead

I have to stand behind what a company does.

Jacqueline van de Laar

Business manager

There is no 'one size fits all' solution.

Marcel Simons

Agile coach

I see so much support.

Hillary Ovaga

DevOps engineer

The open corporate culture allows me to think along with ICT about innovation and creative solutions every day.

Cees Huijerjans

DevOps engineer

I see, in addition to capital and people, data as the third precondition for being able to do our jobs.

Igor Trijnes

Datamanagement consultant

Working in an ever-changing world, that’s what I like best about working in ICT.

Jarno Veltrop

System engineer & scrum master

Your first impulse isn't always the right one.

Joeri Brinks

.NET developer