Traineeships at APG: developing yourself and contributing to the lives of 5 million people

A traineeship at APG means continuously developing in an organization at the heart of society. We see a bright future for young talents at APG.


Are you approaching the end of your studies and looking for a traineeship? APG offers talented university graduates a promising start to their careers: a traineeship with the pension provider and asset manager that works daily on the income of today, tomorrow and beyond of almost five million Dutch people.


A traineeship at APG takes two years and consists of three assignments of eight months. The assignments are aligned as closely as possible to your qualities, studies and development wishes, and APG's goals. The aim is for you to be completely ready for a permanent position within two years.


To shape your development and career, we enable you to participate in various education and training courses, you are assigned a specific coach for each assignment and coach for the whole of your traineeship. We expect a lot of you, but you're never alone. We build your long-term future together.



How colleagues view our traineeships

I see Asset Management at APG as a knowledge library with many highly educated colleagues.

Julian Steenman

Quant trainee

The traineeships of 2021


In 2021, APG is offering four traineeships at our business unit Asset Management: Quant, Investment & Portfolio Management, Finance & Risk, and Data, IT & Investment Services. Our traineeships take place in Amsterdam and/or Heerlen. You can read all about the services of Asset Management here. Want to know what it's like to work in the disciplines that match our traineeships? Feel free to take a look at our Asset Management or, for example, ICT, data & change disciplines.


You can apply for one of our traineeships in March 2021. Keep an eye on our vacancies.

A flying start to your career

  • Challenging assignments that acknowledge your talent
  • Contribution to APG's goals
  • Various types of education, training and coaching
  • You learn from us and we from you. Continuous learning comes naturally to us.
  • Young APG: your network with other young APG personnel
  • An excellent salary to start your career
  • Terms of employment aimed at flexibility

A traineeship at APG is an investment in yourself that will bear fruit the rest of your life.

The selection process

Show us what motivates you

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Our team studies your application


We really get to know you

A (skills) test and video

Are we a great fit?

Match day

Welcome, new colleague!

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