Pension administration

Working in pension administration means working at the heart of our organization. Nowhere at APG is the customer so close. Some 5 million pension fund members and employers who are members of 9 pension funds count on us each and every day. They trust us to collect their contributions and to pay out sufficiently and on time. To help them gain an insight into their financial situation and their options now, later and in old age. What we do, matters in the lifes of our customers.


Nearly 500 specialists working in pension administration know this better than most. They see the people behind the files, they hear the stories. Managing pension files is much more than ‘a job in admin’, and it's ultimately about the people behind the pension stories.


We are proud of that: pension is at the heart of APG. For us, retirement is about people, life and living together. We aim to make good provision for them, every day. Do you see how carefully processing data can offer Dutch people an insight into their income, now, later and in old age? If so, you are just the person APG is looking for.



Through the eyes of our pension administration colleagues

I see APG as a premiership club in the pensions world.

Melvyn Sahertian

Pensions specialist

If you work hard, you'll have plenty of opportunities

Natasja de Weijer

Head of pension administration

You end up picking up the finer points of the trade on the job.

Latifa el Haddar

Employers’ Desk Assistant