Staff & Support at APG

As an HR, Legal or Policy Advisor. Or from one of our many other Staff & Support positions, you take care of the business.


You are a trusted partner for the business. You advise, challenge and support. From your specialty. As a lawyer you advise on the interpretation and application of legislation and regulations. As an HR business partner you contribute to APG as a Great Place to Work. From many specializations such as procurement, facilities and policy, you ensure that 4,500 APG colleagues can do their work well every day.



Maikel Dullens, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

The idea sounds simple: a working environment where you feel safe and valued as a person. Where everyone gets equal opportunities. And where you can be who you want to be, regardless of what you look like, what you believe in or who you like. And yet. It's not that obvious. Since the beginning of 2023, Maikel Dullens has been committed to Diversity and Inclusion within APG. "For example, we are working on a guideline for employees who are going through transition" says Maikel. His sacred belief? Listen, be open minded. Only then can teams work together effectively and can you take steps as an organization.

The future calls for your talent

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How colleagues from other disciplines see the future

The future calls for an iterative approach to innovation.

Tanvi, Change & Innovation Lead

The future calls for courage.

Dave, Manager Master Data Management

The future calls for more than data.

Annick, Head of Data Management

The future calls for partnership.

Monique, Senior Compliance Officer

The future calls for being able to quantify impact at all levels.

Shahzad, Portfolio Manager Responsible Investments - Fixed Income

The future calls for the best possible service.

Tamara, CX Manager

The future calls for attention to the person behind the position.

Elke, Release Train Engineer

The future calls for testers who can navigate a complex IT landscape.

Joep, Tester

The future calls for a focus on users.

Sabine, Software Developer

The future calls for further digitalization.

Mahendranath, Developer