If you work hard, you'll have plenty of opportunities.

Natasja de Weijer, Head of pension administration


"If someone would have told me I’d end up working in pension administration, I would have laughed at them. But the pension sector is fascinating, diverse and constantly in motion. I have the opportunity to continuously learn and grow and make meaningful contributions. Sometimes luck factors into it, but if you work hard and stand out from the crowd, there are plenty of opportunities to be had. We are taking huge strides at the moment, especially in terms of communication.  We want our customers to understand how their pension works, to help them to make the right financial decisions. We work hard every day to achieve that, together with our Marketing & Communication colleagues. Most people see pension as a concern for later, which I understand. Our job is to discuss pension issues when they really matter. This is becoming increasingly important.


As head of pension administration, I oversee the participant administration teams for five pension funds. My career started 25 years ago in a similar administration team. This was followed by several project management positions. I briefly worked as a product owner, before my current position opened up. It was my dream job so I applied. This position allows me to organize processes in a way we continuously improve the service to our customers


When we implement changes, we also look at the risks. Because this is how we demonstrate the controlled services we offer as a pension services provider.

 I personally find this part of the job less interesting, but it's extremely important. When it comes to processes and risks, my motto is to do it right and be transparent so that even if things go wrong, you know you've taken all the right steps. I have an impact now on our ambition as a pension services provider. We focus on talent development at the moment, to ensure that we remain agile in our changing organisation, especially with a view to the upcoming pension system change."

"When I just started out, most of my work was administrative. I didn’t mind because I had great colleagues and a good employer. Most of those processes have now been automated and agile work methods have helped us approach things in a smarter and more client-centric way. This gives people more room to grow and develop. It also requires different skills. I would recommend APG to people who are  eager to learn and willing to work as a team on results and process improvements. And last but not least, has a real heart for the participants of the pension funds. 

The pension sector is changing and the workforce is changing along with it. We are looking for flexible colleagues who understand that the work they're doing now will look very different a few years from now."

We ensure that pension information is presented at the moments that really matter.