I found exactly what I wanted

Joeri Brinks, .NET developer


“For a long time I wasn’t sure what I wanted. After finishing secondary school I studied Facility Services at college, but I quit after a year because it wasn't really for me. I decided to join the Dutch army and did that for four months. But that turned out harder than I expected, especially mentally. Perhaps I was too young for it. I left the army, no education... I started to look around and Law caught my eye. I graduated in Legal Services at Higher Professional Education level, but jobs weren't easy to come by.


I was keen to start working and had heard a lot of good things about APG. I applied for a job at the Customer Contact Centre via a temporary employment agency. About two-thirds of the huge number of applicants would be turned down. I was offered a job, and enjoyed it for over two years. APG offered me all kinds of opportunities through a development program, and that led me to a completely different professional field: IT. I was already interested in computers as a hobby. I’m now a .NET developer at Business Support. It's a varied profession with depth and creative freedom: you can do, make and learn a lot. For every problem there are several solutions: puzzling them out, producing something that offers a solution or delivering a much-used product, that’s what’s so great about it.

This all goes to show that your first impulse isn't always the right one. Keep looking, and you'll get there eventually. I'm 32 now and really believe I’m now where I want to be. I've also become a reservist with the Ministry of Defense. The army has always stayed in my mind and I like the idea of giving something back to society. I do that work alongside my job at APG. Given the choice, I would never leave this company. Even though communication can be difficult at times, APG is an employer that gives me a lot of freedom and opportunities. I don't have much experience with other employers, but when I hear the stories and compare them with the opportunities at APG, I consider myself lucky. It's a company that is there for you and helps you on your way.”


Your first impulse isn't always the right one.