Marketing & Communications

Working in Marketing & Communications: customer experience is more important than ever


Working in Marketing & Communication means putting yourself in the shoes of our fund clients, their participants or other important players for APG all day long. What suits them and how can you touch them? That is the question that concerns you... Cleaners, medical specialists, construction workers and teachers. They are all unique and require their own approach. But as a communications specialist you are not surprised. In addition to communicating with funds, their employers and participants, APG's corporate communication also offers countless challenges. We are increasingly showing the Netherlands how we work every day for the income of all of us now, tomorrow and in the future.


Our approximately 300 marketing and communications specialists use their own expertise to take the communications profession to an increasingly higher level. Whether they are a content specialist, customer experience manager, marketer or communications advisor, their passion for the communications profession drives them to do better every day for our customers. We are proud of it. Do you also see how you can help people find their way in a financial world with your approach, tone and words? Then come and work at APG.



Tamara Rolman, Customer Experience Manager 

"I work in the Marketing and Proposition team. Every day we deal with the question of how we can provide the best possible service to the 8 funds we work for. We have developed 9 customer journeys with customer principles as a touchstone. We use these principles to to continually improve our services one step at a time. The voice of the participants is more important than ever.


There is a lot of room to develop within APG. You don't see that everywhere. I have been working at APG for 2 years now and have obtained the CCXP certification and followed a change management training at Nyenrode."

The future calls for your skills

Change & Innovation

Business Owner Value Stream ‘Service en inzicht tijdens loopbaan’ en Manager Portfolio Office

Amsterdam, Heerlen

40-40 hours

(Responsible) Investments

Investment Researcher RI Product Engineer


32-40 hours

Finance Investments

Process Manager | Asset Owner Partner Funds

Amsterdam, Heerlen

40-40 hours

How colleagues from other disciplines see the future

The future calls for an iterative approach to innovation.

Tanvi, Change & Innovation Lead

The future calls for courage.

Dave, Manager Master Data Management

The future calls for more than data.

Annick, Head of Data Management

The future calls for open-minded people.

Maikel, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

The future calls for partnership.

Monique, Senior Compliance Officer

The future calls for being able to quantify impact at all levels.

Shahzad, Portfolio Manager Responsible Investments - Fixed Income

The future calls for attention to the person behind the position.

Elke, Release Train Engineer

The future calls for testers who can navigate a complex IT landscape.

Joep, Tester

The future calls for a focus on users.

Sabine, Software Developer

The future calls for further digitalization.

Mahendranath, Developer