Responding to specific questions with customer journeys

Ralph Hoffman, Market & Customer Insights Advisor


"I see with my own eyes how the pension member deals with pension communication. I pick up the feedback directly and make sure that our clients, the pension funds, are better able to respond to the members’ needs. This results in pension information being made more specific, which reduces the need to contact customer services.


With previous employers we worked a lot on gut feeling. Now I combine potential solutions based on data and insights by holding a personal interview with the client. That variety, the ability to check everything directly with the member, gives me energy. It’s really great to see that we at APG have so many initiatives aimed at improving our services to funds and members.

My challenge is to persuade others to take a closer look at their pension. I know that retirement is something in the distant future for people my age. They find it boring or complex, and they won’t be retiring until about forty years from now. But if I can show that it makes a lot of sense to provide for your pension right now, that means that I've truly been of value to the member.


As well as activating young people, we also have a lot of dealings with people over the age of fifty-five who have very specific questions about their pensions. Creating various customer journeys enables me to respond to this and ensure that through good communication we can already offer the specific information required. Proactively. To keep our service as effective and simple as possible." 



The variety gives me energy.