Working at Finance means having a head for figures and helping others to see the meaning behind them. You do this by contributing ideas on how to translate the figures into our general approach, by critically examining costs and contracts and by making reports as clear and customer friendly as possible.


Our approximately 200 finance specialists, who mainly work in Heerlen and Amsterdam, are true business partners who have a broad view of our organization. They form the link between the course of the organization and day-to-day operations.


We are proud that we keep a close eye on our figures, but always from the perspective of the people they affect. We are proud of our colleagues who are so dedicated to this. New colleagues are always welcome. If you can see the message behind the figures, you can help us to stay on course together. Now, later and in old age. Come and broaden your horizons at APG.



Through the eyes of our finance colleagues

There are plenty of opportunities to help you develop — if you take the initiative

Mariska Ernes-Jeurissen

Head of Finance Shared Services

Soft skills are indispensable for good financial advice.

Zouzou Ben Younes


We try to be the ones who shed light on things

Sara van den Bleeken

Senior Compliance Officer