Pension administration & Customer contact

Nowhere is the customer as close as within Pension Administration and Customer Contact


Working in pension administration and customer contact is working at the heart of our organization. Nowhere at APG is the customer so close. 4.5 million pension participants and employers affiliated with 8 pension funds count on us every day. They trust that we collect contributions carefully and that we pay out the correct amount of money on time. That we help them gain insight into their financial situation and therefore into their options for now, tomorrow and in the future. What we do matters in the lives of our customers.


Nearly 500 specialists know this better than anyone else. They see the people behind the files, they hear the stories. Managing pensions is much more than an administrative action. It's about the people behind these pension stories.



Renewed pension system

With the new pension rules, everyone in the Netherlands will gain better insight into how pension is accrued and what you can expect in your old age. Personal pension assets will move along with the economy. For APG, the updated pension system means that the data of 4.5 pension participants must be transferred to a new system. Between 2025 and 2028, all 8 pension fund clients we work for will be transferred. An enormous job that requires good communication with participants, the adjustment of systems and careful data transfer. We are all committed to this.


Pension is the core of APG. For us, pension is about people, life and living together. We want to arrange things well for those people every day. Do you see how, by carefully handling data, you can offer people insight into their income, now, tomorrow and in the future? Then come and work at APG.



Elke Boertien, Release Train Engineer


Elke is one of the project members in the "Pension of the Future", a program in which we prepare for the new pension system. "Within the program we inform colleagues and guide and support pension funds in the choices they will face in the near future, with the aim of: satisfied pension funds, participants and employers and well-informed and prepared colleagues."


Elke: "I am responsible for the portfolio process. Ensuring that we have good coordination with the value streams within APG. That we can create an overview of all the work that needs to take place. We follow an agile working method with a portfolio process and a portfolio board that sets priorities. I do the preparation for that. Connecting, creating an overview and collaborating. That is what I mainly do. We are now in a phase where it is important that we pick up speed. I like that.


I feel more than just a position at APG. People really look at me as a person. "Hey Elke, are you still okay?" I have been employed for almost 8 years. Started as a trainee and progressed to this role in several steps. I think the support you receive is characteristic of APG."

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