"It's still not quite right, so let’s make it better"

Jana Stegerhütte, QA & Test Lead at IT


"IT is a huge asset for the rest of the organization, and solid expertise in testing can help boost our products' quality even more. When I started as a QA & Test Lead at APG, I saw that testing within our group could be improved. That’s why I immediately started making an action plan to take testing to the next level. My plan focuses on giving teams and other co-workers guidelines to help them perform more effective tests, and I’ll provide support. My ultimate goal is to enhance our QA mindset, which should improve the quality of our products and services.

Even though I’m still working on the proposal to take testing to the next level, I’ve already started making some high-impact changes through improvements. One of them is in our fallback test. Once a year, we move the entire production environment from our fixed location to another location and switch off the systems at the original location. This helps us ensure that APG can continue to work– even in extreme conditions.

Every fallback test is a huge operation involving 150 APG employees who use these systems in their day-to-day work. People might be thinking about the steps to take, but because these steps aren’t recorded in black and white, they’re soon forgotten. Creating a good test plan and sticking to it as much as possible eliminates that risk. Uniform working methods also play an important role, and I can help my co-workers get to grips with them.

One of the first things I noticed after starting my job at APG is the extremely high level of IT. I’ve seen quite a few companies in recent years, and APG really is a cut above the rest. Its high-quality facilities are mirrored in our teams’ high level of expertise. Training and experience of testing are therefore essential. You should have a solid qualification in computing: You’ll need to know how software and hardware work if you’re going to test them thoroughly. You need technical knowledge alongside functional knowledge, and you’ll add to this by following targeted testing courses like ISTQB or TMap. People at APG are very open and willing to help. Put yourself out there and ask the right questions. You’ll see how much you can learn here and develop your talents.”



Just ask the right questions