Getting it done together, that's the kick

Mariska Ernes-Jeurissen, business consultant


"I see it as an advantage to work in a man's world. I only have two female colleagues on my team and the rest are male. Wonderfully uncomplicated. With men, it's mostly what you see is what you get. If something happens, you talk it out. Shoulder against the wheel, and forgive and forget. This often works differently with women: that’s something I noticed in my first job where I was in a team with women only. They're more likely to take things personally and never forget anything. 


More importantly than the 'male-female issue', we have a very close-knit team. People of different ages, with different experience and backgrounds in IT and Finance. I like the broad palette, being able to go in any direction, working with different people. I find all of that here.

Diversity is another reason why I studied International Business in 2001 and enjoyed the foreign study part in Calgary, which was the best half year of my studies.


Unfortunately, my work doesn't have such an international side. But the fact that I don’t miss it says a lot about the dynamics I experience here as a business consultant. We form the bridge between the business and the IT organization, real connectors. I have to work with many disciplines and areas of attention, and consult with my colleagues in HR, Legal and Finance on a daily basis. After all, I want to get results that enable them to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. And you don't get those results alone. Mine is an advisory role. When you reach the final goal together, it gives me a kind of kick. 


That's great. But at the same time I’m also ready for the next step; after about four years I always start to get restless. That's why I've started a career path. I want to become a manager and gain experience with a work experience place in my own department. Really enjoyable, educational and valuable. This is exactly what makes APG such an exciting company for me. Innovative and progressive for employees and society." 


We form the bridge between the business and the IT organization.