Digital & Innovation

The future calls for people who look further


Anyone who starts working at APG will start working for an organization with a mission and impact on society. If you choose APG, you choose a job in which you contribute to a bright future.

Whether you are developing new applications and services, working on asset management or communication: you always look further than today. And only those who look further will progress.



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DevOps Engineer SQL

Amsterdam, Heerlen

32-38 hours


Product Owner Data Capabilities

Heerlen, Amsterdam

40-40 hours


Data Engineer Responsible Investments

Heerlen, Amsterdam

40-40 hours

Meet our Digital talent

I'm very proud to work at APG because I'm doing something very important for society

Fréderique Janssens, Business & information analyst

My personal challenge is not just to link the systems to each other, but to get people talking to each other

Maurice Boekholt, Business & information analyst

At APG billions are transferred each day. I make sure those transactions run smoothly. On time and accurate to the cent.

Mohammed Elfayda, Product owner

With knowledge graphs you can uncover information that is hidden. An innovative way of structuring data.

Maurice Cameron, DevOps architect

APG is a small company but the impact of APG is large around the globe.

Garima Devpura, DevOps engineer

Our platform is completely customized and built in-house. That's very special.

Clarissa van der Meer, Junior software developer

At APG, you work on the future. With techniques such as data science and AI, you have an impact on the pensions of millions of people.

Peter Strikwerda, Head of Digitalization & Innovation

Innovative techniques save a lot of money, and that money benefits the pension participants.

Ben Cremers, Technical application manager

Before I joined APG, I had never programmed.

Isabelle Klootwijk, DevOps engineer

Sustainability is very important to me personally.

Jeroen van Sloten, Data engineer

APG is responsible for the financial future of millions of people. And with our investments, we contribute to a better future.

Arny Arnarsdottir, Senior change consultant

Through our colleagues' eyes

The more complicated the problem, the more I enjoy it

Tom Janssen

Data Steward

This role brings together everything I’ve always done as an interim manager

Gonneke Cammel

People Manager Shared IT Services

For me, it’s important to work on something I believe in

Linda Kleeven

Business & Information Consultant

I see so much support.

Hillary Ovaga

DevOps engineer

It's still not quite right, so let’s make it better

Jana Stegerhütte

QA & Test Lead

I see, in addition to capital and people, data as the third precondition for being able to do our jobs.

Igor Trijnes

Datamanagement consultant

I myself am hugely driven when it comes to improvement, renewal and progress

Bas de Jonge

Business lead digital change and innovation

With one foot in the future, and one foot in the present

Roland Gardeniers

IT architect

Working in an ever-changing world, that’s what I like best about working in ICT.

Jarno Veltrop

System engineer & scrum master

The open corporate culture allows me to think along with ICT about innovation and creative solutions every day.

Cees Huijerjans

DevOps engineer

There is no 'one size fits all' solution.

Marcel Simons

Agile coach

Your first impulse isn't always the right one.

Joeri Brinks

.NET developer

Motivated employees do a better job.

Bram Kelchtermans

System engineer