Do you like the numerical and modelling side of investing?

Quant traineeship 


The Quant traineeship is thé trainee track for university/Master graduates who want to immerse themselves in the world of long-term and responsible investing with one of the largest pension investors in the world, from a numerical and modelling perspective. With your modelling, programming and research skills, you will be welcomed at departments such as Portfolio Management, Trading, Model Validation and Asset Liability Management. For example you are going to run models which can decide about pension cuts or pension indexation. Or you investigate the performance of execution algorithms within the trading desk. After the traineeship you're ready to start as Asset Liability Specialist or quant portfolio manager. 


Mikel Unibaso Berrueta studied Physics and graduated in Finance. He got to know The Netherlands (Utrecht) during an exchange. Since October 2022 he works as a Quant trainee with APG. Watch his video to learn more about his first assignment.

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