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Investment & Portfolio management traineeship


Thé traineeship for university/Master graduates who want to develop themselves in the field of investment & portfoliomanagement at one of the world’s leading long-term investors. You work alongside investment professionals in asset classes such as Equities, Fixed Income, Credits, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Private Equity, among others. You could work on researching hydrogen as an investment opportunity in private markets, or developing a framework or digital tool to help portfolio managers manage and monitor climate risks better. It's also possible to investigate macro-economic themes, like the impact of deglobalization.


Loes Giesbers studied Quantitative Finance in Rotterdam and started her career in 2021 as an Investment & Portfoliomanagement trainee at APG. Xin Li studied Financial Investments in Rotterdam and started in October 2022 at APG. Watch the video to learn more about their assignments.

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