If in doubt, I don't go ahead

Zakaria Driouech, Finance & Risk trainee


“I've always been interested in finance and enjoy working with numbers. So after graduating in Mechanical Engineering I switched to Econometrics. The Master's degree in Econometrics offered a mix of mathematics and finance: an enjoyable challenge for me. Whilst I was studying, someone from APG gave us a guest lecture. APG is less well known among students, but I saw a major international player with a focus on sustainable investment. It all sounded very interesting, so I went to see what the organization had to offer. That placed APG on the list of companies I wanted to apply to. But there were others on the list because I was also interested in banking. I was offered a job by a bank, but I turned it down because I wanted to move more towards risk management. I didn't have anything else waiting, but I'm good at making choices. If I have doubts, I don't go ahead. Family and friends asked me ‘what on earth are you doing?’, but I prefer to start somewhere that immediately appeals to me.


I applied to APG for a permanent position in investment risk. I didn’t have the necessary experience, but they asked if I was interested in a traineeship. That seemed like a great option because you get to experience the different areas of risk management. This way I can better judge up what suits me best, gain valuable experience and make the right choices. An option I didn't want to pass up.

De blik van APG trainee Zakaria Driouech by Aad van Vliet

For the Finance & Risk traineeship you need statistical and financial knowledge. I’m now setting up a Backtest Framework for a risk model to see if it does what it says on the box and if the predictions are realistic.


My main interest is in investments. APG has many large projects in this area and operates in many different fields; real estate, infrastructure, private equity, etc. To me, it's like one big candy store. I'd like to do an assignment with the team I sent my application to: asset risk. I often speak to the person who interviewed me and I’m able to attend their meetings when I’m doing my assignment in another team. I appreciate that, because it allows me to follow what they are working on and also gives me a clearer image of the team. I’m also looking to expand my skill set. For example, I’m working on programming and also getting to know the program Qlik. Things like this are good fun and make you more valuable to an employer. And of course I want to get to know APG so that I can make the right choice about where to go. That's quite hard to do when working from home; I like people around me and would prefer to run to the office, but everyone makes time for you and wants to get to know you.”



Real estate, infrastructure, private equity... it's one big candy store.