It’s satisfying to know that the money goes to Dutch families

Milo Volniansky, quant trader 


"Once I’d completed my studies in quant equity I set to work as a quant trader. I deal in currencies and commodity and equity derivatives. The currency dealing is mostly in G10 currencies, but also in emerging market currencies. The commodities trade covers a broad spectrum: from aluminum and gold to corn and coffee beans, but I focus particularly on energy trading. In the past two years I’ve had the opportunity of dealing in many different markets and been allowed to take part in the bigger orders. The freedom I’m given as a trader makes the work really enjoyable. 


The last working day of the month is always busy and we’re fully devoted to trading. So as a trader that’s when you can really make a difference. On quiet days I spend some time building models, analyzing data and programming. That makes my job very varied. On the trading desk our aim is to deal in a more systematic and data-driven way. But having a feel for the market remains important. When you’re using both a gut feeling and data, it’s a strong combination. 

APG is a major market player, so we move very big amounts on a daily basis. And the most important part of our work is therefore to keep the market impact as low as possible. It takes a bit of getting used to, such big amounts. Part of trading is being able to keep your feelings under control. There’s pressure to perform; I find that a challenge, and having to stay so alert gives you a kind of kick. At close of business you have a tangible result of how you’ve performed that day. The bar is set high, and there’s time pressure too, but on quiet days there’s plenty of room for explanations. I have a mentor to whom I can ask questions on a daily basis; I’ve benefited greatly from this. 


At APG I see above all intellectuality: intelligent people looking in challenging ways at the complex financial markets. Apart from that the most important thing for me is APG’s social role. When I’ve had a good day’s trading that’s great, but above all it’s satisfying to know that the results end up with Dutch families."


I see intellectuality: intelligent people looking in challenging ways at the complex financial markets.