Each client has its own pace and its own investment ideas

Anna Szymkiewicz, Business Manager Fiduciary Management


"I see myself as a solver of problems between the client – the pension fund whose assets we manage – and APG. Knowing what’s really important to the client and acting accordingly - that’s what my work in the Fiduciary Management team revolves around. That involves considerable responsibility, since it’s the only department that’s in direct contact with our asset management clients and accepts orders from them. So I’m proud to play that role.


Together with two other teams, Fiduciary Management aims to strengthen the investment process. My team focuses on the client’s perspective, while the other two concentrate on risk management and portfolio management. Fiduciary Management is a relatively new department within APG, and is still in the development and growth phase. That means there are plenty of opportunities to start new initiatives oneself and to refine existing ones.

Zo ziet senior business manager Anna Szymkiewicz werken bij APG, by Aad van Vliet

My task is to find solutions for clients’ issues and make sure they’re properly implemented. These solutions often consist in coordinating various departments and simplifying and establishing processes. That keeps my work varied and interesting, since it entails my constantly coming into contact with a variety of colleagues. Every day is different, and the combination of that focus on the client’s perspective and the positive atmosphere within the team makes for a degree of flexibility in our dealings with each other. We make a direct contribution to customer satisfaction. This gives us job satisfaction, since we see the results of our efforts.


At the moment I’m coordinating a project to fine-tune our products and services for four different clients. Each client has its own pace and its own investment ideas, and it’s always a matter of toggling and adjusting to determine what fits best with a particular client. I make sure the processes remain under control, in the implementation and by means of progress reports to the management team. I see their being able to sleep soundly as the measure of how well I’ve worked.”



I am proud to play that role.