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An internship at APG means developing yourself at an organization that contributes to the developmment of yourself at an organization that contributes to the future of millions of people in a liveable world. In the coming years, we will be implementing a new pension system with all our customers. This is a major operation that is felt in all parts of APG, from IT to asset management. You can be part of that. We regularly have internships and graduation internships available at our offices in Heerlen and Amsterdam. And you may discover that the pension world suits you perfectly.

Do you want to gain work experience or write your thesis with us?

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Your internship allowance


As an intern you bring new insights to APG that are very valuable. Therefore we offer:


  • The possibility to gain new skills, apply theory into practice, expand your network, and gain insight into how a leading pension provider works
  • The opportunity to contribute to the financial future of 4.5 million people who count on us for their pension
  • Guidance by experienced professionals who are eager to help you with your learning process.
  • Bachelor and Master students receive an internship allowance of EUR 650 a month based on a 38-hour working week. Vocational students receive EUR 400 a month. If you do a part-time internship, your compensation will be pro-rated
  • Two days of leave per month, with a minimum internship period of 4 months for an internship of 38 hours per week. For a part-time internship on a pro rata basis.
  • A commuting allowance based on second class public transport if you do not have a public transport card
  • A modern workspace in Heerlen or Amsterdam, and the flexibilty of a hybrid workplace.