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TI Architect

Are you the Architect who can advise, design and co-implement an effective and efficient information and infrastructure architecture? A professional who is keen to meet APG's requirements in the field of architecture? Then we’d like to hear your story. 

The Netherlands / Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Heerlen
Years of experience
5 - 10
Higher professional education / Academic higher education

This is going to be your job

As TI Architect, you will set to work on establishing the framework for the architecture of the infrastructure. You will advise on the translation of business objectives into technical infrastructure and participate in projects as a Project, Solution or Program Architect. You’ll coordinate policy proposals and plans with the primary units. Communicating the formulated frameworks and plans by means of presentations, organizing forums and advising on, elaborating and testing the implementation of TI policy and planning. From the extensive package of tasks, the following tasks & responsibilities are part of your job:
•coordinating activities aimed at implementing the proposed TI policy;
•testing effective implementation against established policy and architecture;
•monitoring developments in the business and technical infrastructure;
•carrying out research into the applicability of new technology;
•investigating problems in the provision of information or in the infrastructure;
•proposing solutions for the problems detected;
•Inventory and analysis of the wishes and needs of ICT users and principal(s) with regard to the desired provision of information (gathering requirements, definition, maintenance);
•carrying out impact analyses and forecasting the costs and benefits associated with the implementation, as part of the 'business case';
•functional and technical definition of the entire infrastructure landscape, and;
•creating a common and well-defined view of the desired change among all stakeholders.

This is what you offer

Our ideal candidate for this position has an academic level of working and thinking (computer science or technical computer science and other relevant technical training). In addition, you have good knowledge of APG's business and in-depth and broad knowledge of information and infrastructure architectures. You also bring with you:
•Thorough knowledge of architectural methodologies such as TOGAF and DYA and techniques such as Archimate/Architect;
•you can independently carry out assignments with a relatively great impact and risk of detriment, which also sometimes involve various conflicting interests;
•you can formulate and disseminate a high-quality, practical information and infrastructure policy that is tailored to the group;
•you have the ability to maintain good relations and coordinate appropriately with the primary businesses and other CIS components;
•a customer-oriented attitude and you are conceptually analytically strong, pragmatic, convincing and independent as a professional with the necessary organizational sensitivity.

This is where you'll work

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We offer a competitive salary and attractive terms of employment with a focus on flexibility.


More information

More information? Please contact recruiter Jeroen Goverde 00316 – 1348 2947. who can tell you more about the specific position. 
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